The Holy Mar Ephrem (✝ 373), the Harp of the Holy Spirit and Deacon of the church of Nisibis, served for most of his life in Nisibis until he and the other inhabitants were compelled to go west as a result of Emporer Jovian's cession of Nisibis to Persia in 363. St. Ephrem ultimately settled in Edessa where he spent the final decade of his life. Ephrem's influence on successive generations of Syriac Christendom cannot be overstated. For more information on his life and works, see Sebastian Brock's handout. St. Ephrem's popularity has resulted in several misattributions of works from differing authors and time periods. The works below which likely have been misattributed will be indicated with an *. Some of St. Ephrem's genuine works only remain preserved in Armenian translation.[1] 


N. Akinean, N. Srboyn Efremi Asorwoy Meknutiwn Gorcoc' Araqeloc' (K'nnakan hratarakowt'iwn matenagrowt'ean ew t'argmanowt'ean nakhneats' Hayots' ), Vol 2.1 (Vienna, 1921). [Armenian]

J.S. Assemanus, P. Benedictus, and S.E. Assemanus, Sancti patris nostri Ephraem Syri opera omnia quae exstant, Graece, Syriace, Latine in sex tomos distributa, ad mss. codices Vaticanos, aliosque castigata, multis aucta, interpretatione, praefationibus, notis, variantibus lectionibus illustrata, 6 vols (Rome, 1732-1746). [All 6 volumes are available here]. [Also the PDF is available from EBethArké: Vol. 1; vol. 2; vol. 3; vol. 4; vol. 5; vol. 6]

P. Bedjan, Histoire complète de Joseph; poème en douze livres. Nouvelle éd., revue, corrigée, enrichie, de variantes et d'un discours sur la translation du corps de Joseph par un auteur anonyme qui a abrégé celui de Banni (Paris/Leipzig, 1891).

T.J. Lamy, Sancti Ephraem Syri hymni et sermones quos e codicibus Londinensibus, Parisiensibus et Oxoniensibus descriptos edidit, Latinitate donavit, variis lectionibus instruxit, notis et prolegomenis illustravit, 4 Vols (Mechliniae, 1882-1902). [Vol. 1; Vol. 2; Vol. 3; Vol. 4]

J. Melki, "Saint Éphrem le Syrien, un bilan de l'edition critique", PO 11 (1983): 3-88 [PDF]

C.W. Mitchell, S. Ephraim's Prose Refutations of Mani, Marcion, and Bardaisan of which the greater part has been transcribed from the palimpsest B.M. Add. 14623, 2 Vols (London, 1912-1921). [Vol. 1; Vol. 2]

J.J. Overbeck, S. Ephaemi Syri, Rabulae episcopi Edesseni, Balaei aliorumque Opera selecta: e codicibus syriacis manuscriptis in museo Britannico et bibliotheca Bodleiana asservatis primus edidit (Oxford, 1865).

P. Zingerle and G. Mösinger, Monumenta Syriaca ex Romanis codicibus collecta. Praefatus est P. Pius Zingerle, 2 Vols (1869-1878). Vol. 1; Vol. 2

Mechitarists, Srboyn Ep'remi Matenagrut'iwnk', 4 Vols (Venice, 1836). [Vol. 1; Vol. 2; Vol. 3; Vol. 4] [Armenian]

For more information regarding modern editions, see the handout created by Sebastian Brock. The following works contain the following information: 1) an English translation of the title, 2) a title from the the edition, 3) if falsely attributed, a note concerning other attributions, 4) a hyperlink to other editions available in the Public Domain, and 4) corresponding modern editions according to Brock's handout.

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Assemani, Sancti Patris Nostri Ephraem Syri

(For all of Assemani's entries, the Syriac text contains parallel Latin translation)

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