Christian Arabic Bibliography

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A Note to Readers

These pages attempt to reproduce as closely as possible the bibliographical handouts prepared by Alexander Treiger, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Dalhousie University, and distributed to participants in an Intensive Course on Christian Arabic he taught in the Near Eastern Studies Department at Princeton University in May 2015. The bibliographies offer an introduction for students to the essential tools of research, manuscripts and manuscript catalogues, and additional bibliography for Christian Arabic Studies.  After the seminar, Professor Treiger provided us with his most recently updated versions and for the most part, we have not modified what he passed along to us, save for making a few updates of our own.  Versions of these documents can also be found on Professor Treiger’s page.

We are most grateful to Professor Treiger for generously sharing the fruits of his labor with the greater scholarly community and allowing us to put his handouts online.

This material was edited and digitized by Dina Boero.


BHG = F. Halkin, Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca, 3 vols. (Brussels, 1957).

BHO = P. Peeters, Bibliotheca Hagiographica Orientalis (Brussels, 1910; reprint, 1970).

CMR = D. Thomas and others, eds., Christian Muslim Relations: A Bibliographical History, 6 vols. to-date (Leiden, 2009-in progress).

CPG = M. Geerard and J. Noret, Clavis Patrum Graecorum, 7 vols. (Turnhout, 1974-2003). 

CSCO = Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium (Leiden). 

Elr = Encyclopaedia IranicaEhsan Yarshater, ed. (London and Boston: 1982-). [in progress; 16 vols. to-date].

EIEncyclopaedia of Islam, Second Ed., 13 vols. (Leiden, 1960-2009).

EIEncyclopaedia of Islam Three (Leiden, 2007-).

GCAL = G. Graf, Geschichte der christlichen arabischen Literatur, 5 vols. (Città del Vaticano, 1944-1953).

HMLÉM= J. Nasrallah, Histoire du mouvement littéraire dans l’église melchite du Ve au XXe siècle, 3 vols. in 6 parts (Louvain, 1979-1989); vol. II.1 R. Haddad, ed. (Damascus, 1996).

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