Mar Narsai (✝ ca. 500), spiritual writer and exegete for the school of Nisibis, wrote many poetic compositions for the Church of the East.

For more on his life and works, see Narsai: Life & Thought. .

Digitized Manuscripts of Mar Narsai


For further information on Narsai and his poems, a great bibliography can be found at Narsai: Bibliography. ..


The format of the works listed below will be listed as follows: 1) Title, 2) any alternate titles, 3) Incipit, 4) the Macomber number, and 5) other edited editions available in the Public Domain. 

Because the two Patriarchal Press volumes include the largest number of works, these will be listed first with a link provided for parallel texts found in Mingana's collections. Mingana's collection follows the Patriarchal Press volumes with a list of any Memre or Soghyatha which were not mentioned previously. The final section includes those works which are not included in either collection.

* indicates those considered dubious by Mingana

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